VEERA Medical employs AI and XR to expedite patient recovery with personalized, gamified virtual exercises.

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Revolutionizing Recovery

VEERA Medical’s Innovative Leap into the Future of Physical Therapy

Through the power of virtual worlds, patients stay inspired to push themselves further in each session. They receive real-time feedback to visualize their progress, keeping them motivated to advance to new levels. Clinicians gain deeper insights to optimize treatment while patients enjoy conquering challenges in responsive virtual settings.


We’re introducing a new chapter in physical therapy by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with therapeutic practices. This revolution is not just about updating routines; it’s about fostering a meaningful and engaging patient experience. With VEERA Medical, patients can look forward to therapy sessions armed with tangible metrics of their progress, guided by universal benchmarks. We believe this innovation will not only improve therapeutic outcomes but also turn the journey of recovery into a truly inspiring adventure.

Improved Patient Engagement and Compliance

VEERA Medical provides a unique, immersive, and engaging experience for patients, which can significantly increase their compliance to therapy programs. This results in more effective rehabilitation and faster recovery times.

Increased Efficiency and Accessibility

VEERA Medical’s virtual platform facilitates remote monitoring and telehealth capabilities. This allows healthcare providers to offer services to a larger patient population, regardless of geographical constraints. Moreover, the ability to analyze and adjust treatment plans in real-time based on data gathered from the platform can enhance the productivity of therapists.


Empowering Clinicians

VEERA Medical provides a platform that equips clinicians with advanced capabilities for monitoring, guiding, and personalizing therapy sessions. The VR technology not only expands their toolkit but also introduces innovative ways to engage patients and expedite recovery. This evolution of therapy services not only enhances patient care but also provides unique professional development for the clinical staff.

Quantifiable Outcomes and Progress Tracking

VEERA Medical enables precise tracking of patient progress through data analytics. The system quantifies therapy outcomes, providing valuable insights that can be used to personalize and adjust treatment plans. This can lead to more evidence-based care and better patient outcomes.

Empowering Clinicians

❝VEERA Medical has become a staple
tool for my physical therapy routine.❞

Vicky Van Cura

Neurological Physical Therapy Resident, Brook’s Rehabilitation

Faster Outcome

❝The range improvements I gained in such a short time was because of the VEERA Medical VR System❞


Stroke Recovery Patient

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