The Future of Physical Therapy

Disrupting the $34.5 billion dollar physical therapy market in the United States by providing patience with a VR solution that makes physical therapy more effective, efficient, and fun.

We solve a real problem

Traditional physical therapy doesn’t work!

The old way involves repetitive motion and exercises that patients find painful, repetitive, and boring.

Outcomes are heavily influenced by the patient’s willingness to both do the exercises and the therapist’s ability to push the patient and their skill in recommending and prescribing the right physical activities to maximize movement and strength building.


Even with the best physical therapist this process is costly, time intensive, and painful while producing outcomes that are widely divergent.     

VEERA Medical is the Solution

Veera is industry leading in two things that give us a decided advantage.

Industry leaders in patient evaluation and progress recording and planning.

Allowing our patients and PT’s to determine where they’re functioning and where we want them to be and create custom physical therapy plans to help them get there in the quickest and least painful way possible.

We chart each patient’s progress as they go through physical therapy and make adjustments as needed to continually give the best care possible. This careful data collection enables patients using the Veera system to meet their outcomes 25% faster than if they were using traditional physical therapy systems.

We are the leader in automation.

Due to the careful charting of patient conditions and progress our software has built in learning capacity that enables PT’s to choose from predefined custom workout plans that are designed to best create the patient.

These can be evaluated daily as the patient works through the exercises as the software charts the range of motion and automatically suggests additional exercises or weekly allowing for less time with a Physical therapist while creating the same results.

The future is now

Our products create the desired outcomes faster, better, and less painful than traditional physical therapy while cutting down on time with a physical therapist. This creates happier patience and significant savings on the part of the hospital or physical therapy center.

Happy Patients

Significant Savings

Marketing, Distribution, and Partnerships

We will partner with hospitals and physical therapy facilities across the country. Initially going in as a demo which we hope to turn into a 3-5 year contract.

We will market our demo program initially by using contacts we currently have. Through these contacts we hope to get access to our initial 5-10 hospital and physical rehabilitation systems. We will build off the success of these initial demo’s to land additional locations.

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